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Powerstar Trucks is a leading freezer truck manufacturer in China. Over the years, we have continued to introduce Europe technology and Austrailia technology, created the Powerstar brand, and obtained the right to use the CEEC brand. Today, our products comprise 25 series are available in over 1000 varieties, with carrying capacities ranging from 3cbm to 90 cbm.

We operate from 13 departments, 5 plants, and 1 technological center. Our 1,000 employees (including over 200 technicians) have production expertise and technical knowledge to effectively and efficiently serve our customers' needs. Our heavy trucks, parts and services are sold through a network of dealer outlets and 50 service stations in China and in over 60 countries.

With over 40 years of experience, we are able to offer a wide range of heavy duty trucks to our customers worldwide. tractor unit, dump trucks, cargo trucks, concrete mixer trucks, bulk cement trucks, and tanker trucks are some of the products we specialize in. Built to provide great driver safety, our vehicles provide high visibility and maneuverability, and meet rigorous crash test requirements. They also meet emission standards. So our heavy trucks are completely safe to use for both people and the environment.

Quality Assurance

As an ISO9001:2000 certified heavy duty truck manufacturer, we have focused on producing high quality vehicles since our beginning. We have established a thorough quality control system which monitors each phase of manufacturing, from raw material selection, through production, to the delivery to our customers. This helps us ensure the quality of our tractor unit, dump trucks, and cargo trucks.

Product Development
At SAIC HONGYAN Automotive Co.,Ltd, we continue our research and development of new heavy duty trucks, to satisfy every customer's requirements in the ever changing trucking industry. For instance, we utilize internationally-advanced IVECO prototype vehicle technology to develop IVECO brand vehicles to meet the demands of our high-end market. Combining IVECO technology and original Hongyan product technology, we also develop practical, safe, and cost-effective Hongyan brand heavy duty trucks. We strive to provide exceptional heavy duty trucks to both our domestic and international markets.


We are dedicated to providing customers with professional and considerate service so their trucks run smoothly and their business stay profitable. We offer a warranty on all of our products, and we also can provide samples of our heavy duty trucks to you to help you to choose the best products for your needs. In addition, our team of highly trained technical support engineers and sales technicians will help you solve any problem you may encounter when buying or using our tractor unit, dump trucks and cargo trucks.

Explore our website for more details on our products and services, or contact us for personal service. We look forward to working with you.

Why Choose Powerstar Freezer Truck?

Siwun mobile advertising truck, especially the mobile digital LED truck, has been developing fast in OOH markets. This kind of new creative experience promoting has widely spread among automobiles, beverage and drinks, telecommunications, and industrial brands.

Wide range of truck models

Siwun factory can produce different structures of advertising trucks include exhibition truck, stage truck and digital LED billboard truck etc. All of these designs have advanced features for your event.

Customization support

We have finished a lot of customized advertising trucks in past projects. In this process we have strengthened supply chain and collected functional designs for your requirement.

Rich skills in OOH media

Siwun has rich experience in advertising truck rental business. We have leased more than 100 advertising truck fleet into the rental market. We know better how to build best advertising trucks for you.

Professional sales team

Many members of Siwun sales team have almost worked 10 years in advertising truck industry. We know  how to build your truck well with best materials and functions.  You will work together  with us efficiently.

Successful big brand cases

Siwun has worked with big brands like Siemens, Lenovo, Oppo, Coca Cola, Pepsi, FAW-Volkswagen, Honda, Suzuki etc. Our advertising trucks designed for those companies can also help your local brands promote their brands well.

Global marketing strategy

As leading advertising truck manufacturer, we have marketing strategy and product R&D investment to enter different countries.  We can cooperate with you and build long term business partnership to  develop local advertising market.

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