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Freezer truck Box breakdown diagram

May 11, 2022

I: Box breakdown diagram

Exploded diagram of freezer box

II: Main material list of insulation compartment parts

The front wall, the roof, the left and right panels are all "sandwich" plate structures. Sheets are all treated with overall compression and their overall strength of the sheets reach international standards. For sheet cutting, CNC gantry milling machine is adopted to ensure precision parameters of each component.

Type and thickness of the sheet (mm): Sandwich composite sandwich plate
Outer covering Inner covering Insulation layer (plate) thickness
Roof: Aluminum alloy flat plate FRP flat plate 100mm polyurethane foam
Side plate: Aluminum alloy flat plate Aluminum alloy flat plate 80mm polyurethane foam
Front wall: Aluminum alloy flat plate Aluminum alloy flat plate 100mm polyurethane foam
Rear door: Aluminum alloy flat plate Aluminum alloy flat plate 80mm polyurethane foam
Bottom plate: Bamboo plywood FRPplate 80mm polyurethane foam(composite structure)
Floor: A 2.5 mm pattern aluminum alloy plate is laid on the bamboo plywood.

III: Selection of insulation core layer:
In order to ensure the insulation effect and strength of the compartment, the selection of the insulating core is particularly important. The insulation core layer used by the company is rigid polyurethane foam board and main technical parameters and performance are as follows:
Density: 45 to 50KG/M3
Heat conductivity coefficient: 0.018 to 0.023W/M·K
Compressive strength: ≥0.2Mpa
Adaptive temperature: –50°C to +70°C

IV:  Design of back door and door frame:
Decomposition diagram
Design of back door and door frame allows it can be open at 270 degree. Material of the door bracket is a 2.5-millimetre-thick stainless steel sheet, which enhances rain and dust proof. The bracket and the carriage is connected with rivets . ABS calcium plastic material are put among the back door bracket and other plates to avoid the cold bridge.
The plate clamp the labyrinth tape consist the back door structure. The labyrinth type can offer multiple layers of protection to avoid the cold air leakage.
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