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How to find a suitable refrigerated freezer truck?

Oct 22, 2019

Refrigerated trucks can be called insulation trucks, refrigerated trucks, vans, and refrigerated transport vehicles. Refrigerated trucks are usually used for the transportation of fresh fruits, seafood, milk and items that are prone to spoilage, festering, and fermentation.

A refrigerated truck is a closed-type van used to transport frozen or fresh-keeping goods. It is a special refrigerated transport vehicle equipped with a refrigeration device and a polyurethane insulation compartment. It is often used to transport frozen food (refrigerated trucks), dairy products (milk products). Transporter), vegetables and fruits (fresh goods transporter), vaccines and medicines (medicine transporter), fresh meat (meat hooker), takeaway cooked food (insulation vehicle), etc.

When buying a refrigerated truck, you must first choose it according to your actual needs. Different people, doing different jobs and running different routes, require different refrigerated trucks.

First of all, you must choose a car that is suitable for the local licensing policy and emission environmental protection requirements. Then, according to the goods you are pulling, you can choose a unit with the right temperature. Then, according to the shape of the goods to be pulled, the internal structure of the refrigerated truck is selected. For example, pulling pork requires hooks, and pulling vaccines requires cabinets.

There is also the decision to open the door, whether it is necessary to open the door on the side, single or double, etc. Then, it is known that the size of the model is determined according to the distance and quantity of the goods to be pulled: two or three meters of cargo boxes, or more than four meters, or more than six meters of cargo boxes, etc. Then choose your favorite chassis brand, engine brand, etc.

The structure of the refrigerated truck: it is the walking part of the car chassis, and the thermal insulation box (generally composed of keel frame, polyurethane thermal insulation material, glass fiber reinforced plastic/stainless steel, etc.), refrigeration unit, temperature recorder in the compartment and other components. Vehicles required, such as meat hook trucks, can be equipped with optional parts such as aluminum alloy meat hook guide rails, waistbands, and ventilation grooves; medical transport vehicles can be equipped with optional accessories such as temperature and humidity recorders and four-sided ventilation grooves.

The choice of the car body is related to the specific cargo being transported. Different goods have different requirements for the car body. For example, refrigerated trucks that transport fresh meat need to be customized with hooks on the car body; refrigerated trucks for distribution to stores have small batches, many varieties, and require multi-temperature-layer refrigerated trucks; temperature requirements vary, and frequent loading and unloading requires more doors. All of these, users can customize to the car body factory according to specific needs.

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